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The advantages of decarbonizing an engine:

Why decarbonizing ?

  • Eliminates clogging from all kinds of engines
  • Restore the original performance and fuel consumption of your engine
  • Prevents carbon build-up on expensive parts (engine valves, EGR valves, DPF filters, sparkplugs...)
  • Facilitates smog test by reducing carbon emissions and fumes
  • Extends your engine lifespan
  • Improve smooth and linear acceleration and reduce engine mechanical noise.

Preventive cleaning

Using preventively Motor-Clean technology allows you to restore engine parts rather than replacing them too early. You will save on costly parts, such as catalytic converter ($800- 1,900), turbo ($1,500 — 2,900), EGR valve ($370 - 500) or DPF filter ($550 — 1,900).
These Problems result mainly from poor combustion, which dramatically reduces your engine performance. Decarb your engine every 6 000 miles or twice a year, as a preventative maintenance.

Why hydrogen?

  • Raises internal combustion temperature
  • Reduces HC, CO and CO2 harmful emissions
  • Reduces the duration of the combustion process
  • Increases thermal efficiency
  • Burns off, disintegrates, and removes carbon deposits


Using our hydrogen-powered decarbonizing unit, a technician at the Motor-Clean green Center will remove nearly all carbon build-up In just 30 minutes, your engine will run like originally.

With our Motor-Clean advanced technology, developed over several years, hydrogen is pulsed through the air intake pipe, burning off the carbon deposits.

That will allow your engine to run smoothly and avoid your exhaust system to be clogged. Carbon deposits and Clogging are the new plagues for gas or Diesel engines so take benefits from Hydrogen cleaning to extend the lifespan of your engine parts.

Works on cars, trucks, RV's, semitrucks, diesel engines, motocycles, boats etc.


  • Motorcycles $29.95
  • Regular cars $99.95
  • RV's, semi's $99.95/hour (depends on engine size and mileage)

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